Knowledge Full Circle

(Updated on April 19th 2016)

Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog !

Well ! Let me start off by thanking those who come across my blog, and read my posts and comment that hopefully you will leave with learning some things, about World History & Culture, Politics, Religion, Social issues, the issues and effects of Racism/White Domination, and how it relates with past history and today on a global scale in all shapes and forms, Science and how to use Constructive dialogue and strategies in helping someone else on becoming more aware on things, and how to respond to negativity without using violence and etc. Don’t forget to pass the word along to your friends and family about this blog as well ? 

Some of you if not (many) are wondering why I call my blog “Knowledge Full Circle?” Well let me start with the definition and meaning of the word knowledge taken from the website, (

Knowledge as we all know the word to mean, deals with truth, facts and being aware of things or information.

 2 of the definitions in details that I will be using, sum up the word “knowledge” very well.

1. acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition: knowledge of many things.

4. the fact or state of knowing; the perception of fact or truth; clear and certain mental apprehension.

Basically the word knowledge is the opposite of the words “belief or believe,” which most people are not aware that the word believe really means “be-lie.” which means false, fake, lie, and untrue. It’s been one of those words I try to get in the habit of not using, as much as possible now anymore, when I found out about this and the real meaning behind this word.

You see if you remove the letters (f) (ve) you get the root word (belie be-lie) meaning as I said before, false, fake, lie, and untrue.

This word is commonly use by most religious people or people in general, mainly because people don’t know or overstand/understand the etymology of the word.

Let’s face it, it’s always best to know (knowledge) than believe (be-lie) or be lied too.

Food for thought to give you all something to think about.

Now I used the word “full circle” because, it’s in reference with the word 360′ degrees, and meaning completion, or truth, wisdom and power. (Coming to a complete full circle of oneself, or coming into knowledge of ones inner self and being).

This is why I name my blog Knowledge Full Circle, because this is where I am in my life now and further more trying to become a complete person. But to also use this blog as a tool or (platform) to help, and to get people to think and not to just do base on what they were told during their upbringing or not being able to open their minds, because they’re afraid of what their family and friends may say about them, and or being treated like an outcast and to inform people on truth, facts and information, especially for people of African ancestry. So there you have it on why I name my blog ” knowledge full circle.”

I am a Emerging Entrepreneur/Businesswoman, Writer/Poetess, Notarie (Notary of Public), Photographer and etc.

Thanks, Knowledge Full Circle ! (Better known as Kolonta Uvae) First name pronounced Ko-lon-ta !

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