‘Wake The F**k Up’- According To Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel Jackson is an interesting person, funny, and a good actor, and I am an admire of his work as an actor, and respect him as a person and black man. However I find him a bit contradictive and nonchalant about politics, in particular when it comes to why he voted for President Obama. (Which you will see what I am talking about as I quote him in the Ebony magazine March issue of 2012 later.) But than again it will not be a surprise though either to hear or read about, considering how some (most) African Americans think like this as well. Especially during the 2008 “Presidential running.”

Because this was the first time in American history, we had a person who was of color, and that look like a black person running for the Presidency of the United States of America. So of course most Africans in America and around the globe made it a big deal, and rightfully so. However this is the same nonchalant attitude that most Africans here in America and abroad during this Presidential election season of 2012 are still holding about President Obama as he runs for his second term. Just because President Obama is partially of African descent and looks black.

However many Africans here in America and abroad are not really playing close attention to his politics, and how it can affect them and their families and friends, and currently now and how it has affect us as African people here in America and abroad already.

Which is the exact same attitude actor Samuel L. Jackson carries about President Obama. Which is also a dangerous way to think, especially when someone operates like a puppet and is being used as the trusted “mulatto” that continues to keep the legacy of White Domination going on here in America and around the world. These are all for the wrong reasons to vote for someone, just because they look black !

Which unfortunately we (as black people) fail to realize just because someone looks black doesn’t mean they will or will always have your best interest at heart. Especially when they’re doing it for their own selfish reasons and interests and not for the betterment of the people.

Note: The term mulatto is also associated with the word mule.

This would be another reason, why it’s not good to practice miscegenation relations because it can result in offsprings in this situation. Where a child is associated as a mule.

The history of miscegenation is a problematic one and has a troubling past that not only occur here in the Americas and around the world, but still occurs today that same way. Unfortunately for many (black people) around the world we continue to be under the illusion of the Western World/European media, images, and the influences of “propaganda” and can’t see through the ugly history and past and current history of it, and the consequences that it can lead to and has led too. But myself and others who know the real deal are not going to try to sugarcoat and sanitized by covering it up. Like it’s something to be proud about or to forget about, like it’s no big deal.






Samuel L. Jackson was quoted as saying in Ebony March issue 2012:

“I voted for Barack because he was Black. ‘Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people-because they look like them. That’s American politics, pure and simple. His message didn’t mean shit to me. In the end, he’s a politician. I just hoped he would do some of what he said he was gonna do. I know politicians say shit; they lie. ‘Cuz they want to get elected.”

Exactly Mr. Jackson, you just answer your own question, when it comes to politicians lying about the things they say they’re going to do for the people of America and even around the world as well. Because they want the people to vote for them so that they can get elected as President. But he (Jackson) voted for him anyway despite President Obama, message didn’t mean shit to him. If that’s not a contradiction and being nonchalant to you ? Than I don’t know what is.      Photo courtesy of WTFU2012.com (http://wtfu2012.com/)

Now in saying all of that. That was just some history to start you off with Samuel L. Jackson on why he voted for President Obama in 2008, and how this video and the title of this post is a follow-up of why Samuel L. Jackson will be voting for President Obama again this coming Presidential election of 2012.

I must admit this video and message that Samuel L. Jackson presents to you with the little white girl going by the name “Susie.” Entitled ‘Wake The Fuck Up.’ is humorous and I was laughing at some of the video as I first watch it. He (Jackson) even has little Susie, the little white girl at the end of the video, as she go back to her bedroom, and open her bedroom window, shouting at top of her lungs saying, “Wake the Fuck Up.”

Which I personally thought was a bit much for a child to be saying despite it was humorous. However it still didn’t sit well with me as an adult listening to a child or someone like (Jackson) portraying themselves as a role model to this child to let them say the word “Fuck.” (In this 3 minute and 41 second video ad) I also question the parents motives of this child actor in the video portraying little Susie, that allowed her to partake in using the word “Fuck.” (Some role models the parents supposed to be to this child.)That clearly was more about a business decision for them than the well-being of their child. SMH !

However the video is still a misleading message when it comes to asking someone to vote for someone, and in doing so when it comes to the Democrats vs. the Republicans in using rhetoric and propaganda, for the so-called betterment for the people of America and etc.

Because at the end of the day for me, I look at as the Democrats & Republicans being the same parties, but using different methods in their agendas to accomplish their goal to get you the ‘voter’ to vote for them in order to help them get elected as President. That’s just how I see American politics, especially as I got older and more mature about things and about politics and how American politics are operated.

The title of this video is a parody of the similar same name and adult/children’s book. “Go the Fuck to Sleep,” by Adam Mansbach. Who Samuel L. Jackson narrated for.                                   Author, Adam Mansbach, photo courtesy of gothamist.com


Here’s the video of ‘Wake The Fuck Up.’



This ad was paid by The Jewish Council For Education & Research (http://jcer.info)

There’s no wonder why this ad was paid by The Jewish Council For Education & Research that feature actor Samuel L. Jackson. It’s obvious the United States and Israel have ties not only with President Obama, but have a history with each other and have been allies with each other for a long time now. Also, considering how America has help Israel in continuing their dirty work by the constant funding of billions of dollars over the years and in the last century to Israel going towards their dirty “Zionism Wars, xenophobia, propaganda, and racism against the indigenous people of that land African people and Palestinians.”

Note: Israel is located geographically in NorthEast Africa, not the so-called Middle East or SouthWest Asia, and that’s called the Asia minor as well. Which really is actually NorthEast Africa.

This has a long history when this was corrupted into the name call the Middle East, that I will discuss in a another post at a later time. This is why I said the indigenous people of that land who are African people. Also, truth be told the Palestinians are not indigenous to that land either considering their invaders and conquers too. Yet I don’t condone the conditions that Israel have put Palestine under and through over the last century and continue to do so today.

Here’s the Jewish Council For Education & Research (JCER) Endorsement Speech For President Barack Obama:

The Jewish Council for Education & Research is proud to endorse President Barack Obama for reelection. We believe his administration has made significant progress towards fulfilling the pledges he made during his campaign. To help the President secure these gains, stand up to the Tea Party agenda, and advance new priorities, we will do everything we can to mobilize Jews and others to support his candidacy.








One response to “‘Wake The F**k Up’- According To Samuel L. Jackson

  1. Hold up, wait a minute, time out! I voted for Obama twice because the choices were between him or, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Are you telling me I was wrong? I didn’t expect him to dismantle the U.S. government. I expected him to do exactly what he did, i.e., held the state together! Which according to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, is the first obligation of any head of state.


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