The Help: Obama Promises To Work As Butler To Republicans If Re-elected by Yvette Carnell

“In a radio interview, President Obama volunteered to work as house help for Republicans if they just go along with him on a budget plan.”

“I’ll wash John Boehner’s car, I’ll walk Mitch McConnell’s dog,” President Obama said to radio host Michael Smerconish, referring to the Republican Speaker and Senate minority leader.

“Barack Obama. He’s all things to all people. If black people need him to be MLK, he’ll mimic Malcolm’s cadence and MLK oratory. But if white folks need him to take out the trash, while they laugh and point, he’ll do that too. He has no real sense of being, no real sense of his place in this world, or how to maneuver within it.”

As I have said before and will continue to say he’s the white man helper, and the trusted mulatto sidekick for them. But other black people gets angry at me to the point where they are insulting my intelligence and belittling me. “Basically disrespecting me.” Because I say, I will not vote for President Obama. The above excerpts from this article, is apart of the reason, along with so many other reasons why I will not vote for President Obama during his second term.

But some how so many black people who are still determined to still vote for “President Obama” keep missing these key points and warning signs giving, when President Obama opens his mouth and does interviews like this on talk radio, or even in a press conference being presented during live television. Many black people still don’t get what the problem is, because they’re still to blinded by someone who looks black, but who is half black, and because they are to loyal to a political party such as the “Democratic party,” and just because black people think President Obama means well in what he says when regarding his politics, and because black people have this love affair with his black wife and black children. SMH !

You can read the above excerpts in full and the rest of this article in the link below.

Transcript link of President Obama interview with Michael Smerconish on (October 26, 2012).

The audio link of President Obama interview with Michael Smerconish on (October 26, 2012 in the Oval Office of the White House).

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