Black People “Hero Worshipping” Over Bill Cosby On Social Media



LOL ! SMH ! Black people are showing their foolishness up and down the wall “Hero Worshipping” over Bill Cosby on social media. It’s quite funny, sad and disturbing to me at the same time. Just because he didn’t get found “Guilty” for a crime(s) in a ‘Court of Law’ for being a “Rapist” doesn’t mean he’s not Guilty. He’s guilty for the fact, because he’s been known to be a ‘Womanizer’ over the years, while being marry to his wife for the many years he was “Whoring” around. This is not Cliff Huxtable from “The Cosby Show” of the 80s, it’s Bill Cosby in real life and clearly Cliff Huxtable is not Bill Cosby. We came to find that out over the years. We have to learn as Black people how to separate the two people with logical sense and a sound mind. The only things that I would agree with most people on is why would most of these women wait 10 or more years to come out and say Bill Cosby sexually violated them ? Which clearly most of these victims may have clearly had a deceptive agenda behind what they were doing or was paid money to do so. Also I am not convince that all these women that Cosby who had allegedly supposedly sexually violated were telling the truth either. Other then that he’s not that innocent, and we need to stop portraying him as this so morally correct character he played on ‘The Cosby show’ known as “Cliff Huxtable,” because clearly that’s not who he is and never was in real life.

Some excerpts from Cosby Disrespectful “Pound Cake” speech (Towards Black people in particular poor Black people) at the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education:


at the 50th Anniversary commemoration

of the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education

Supreme Court Decision

Transcript kindly provided by

Dr Bill Cosby’s public relations representatives.

(*Editor’s note: Please understand that there may be some minor typographical inaccuracies resulting from audio to text software resolution issues.) (DR BILL COSBY SPEAKS at the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education Supreme Court Decision)

“50 percent drop out rate, I’m telling you, and people in jail, and women having children by five, six different men. Under what excuse, I want somebody to love me, and as soon as you have it, you forget to parent. Grandmother, mother, and great grandmother in the same room, raising children, and the child knows nothing about love or respect of any one of the three of them (clapping). All this child knows is “gimme, gimme, gimme.” These people want to buy the friendship of a child….and the child couldn’t care less. Those of us sitting out here who have gone on to some college or whatever we’ve done, we still fear our parents (clapping and laughter). And these people are not parenting. They’re buying things for the kid. $500 sneakers, for what? They won’t buy or spend $250 on Hooked on Phonics. (clapping)

A\Kenneth Clark, somewhere in his home in upstate New York…just looking ahead. Thank God, he doesn’t know what’s going on, thank God. But these people, the ones up here in the balcony fought so hard. Looking at the incarcerated, these are not political criminals. These are people going around stealing Coca Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! Then we all run out and are outraged, “The cops shouldn’t have shot him” What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand? (laughter and clapping). I wanted a piece of pound cake just as bad as anybody else (laughter) And I looked at it and I had no money. And something called parenting said if get caught with it you’re going to embarrass your mother. Not you’re going to get your butt kicked. No. You’re going to embarrass your mother. You’re going to embarrass your family.

If knock that girl up, you’re going to have to run away because it’s going to be too embarrassing for your family. In the old days, a girl getting pregnant had to go down South, and then her mother would go down to get her. But the mother had the baby. I said the mother had the baby. The girl didn’t have a baby. The mother had the baby in two weeks. (laughter) We are not parenting. Ladies and gentlemen, listen to these people, they are showing you what’s wrong. People putting their clothes on backwards. –isn’t that a sign of something going on wrong? (laughter)

Are you not paying attention, people with their hat on backwards, pants down around the crack. Isn’t that a sign of something, or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up (laughter and clapping ). Isn’t it a sign of something when she’s got her dress all the way up to the crack…and got all kinds of needles and things going through her body. What part of Africa did this come from? (laughter). We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans, they don’t know a damned thing about Africa. With names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed and all that crap and all of them are in jail. (When we give these kinds names to our children, we give them the strength and inspiration in the meaning of those names. What’s the point of giving them strong names if there is not parenting and values backing it up).”

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