Oscar Micheaux ‘The African American Movie Maker’

9990dff34541b3997e17428259c1802d (1)Oscar Micheaux

Wondering why most Black people in Hollywood in the movie industry can’t do what ‘Oscar Micheaux’ did ? During the early 1900s, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, this brotha build an African Movie Empire here in America. Starting with so little that grew so big with most of him doing the work his self earlier on. Which was more challenging during that time for any Black person in America, then it is today. Most African Americans in the movie industry need to think more like ‘Oscar Micheaux’ and act on those plans instead of waiting for validation, acceptance and inclusion from Non-African people Award shows and etc. Because only a Slave thinks like that.

“Oscar Micheaux is one of the most influential figures in African American silent cinema. The most prolific filmmaker of the silent period, he remained in the industry longer than any other black director, producing forty-three films during his career. His achievements are remarkable considering the economic and artistic obstacles African American filmmakers faced. Micheaux used his filmmaking to challenge openly the racial injustices that African Americans faced at the beginning of the twentieth century: lynching, job discrimination, interracial rape, mob violence, and economic exploitation. From his first film, The Homesteader (1919), and throughout his cinematic career, Micheaux addressed sensitive issues that other filmmakers systematically avoided.”


https://vimeo.com/10396511 (Oscar Micheaux-First Major Black Filmmaker (Part-1)

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