Easter Fanatics


As Easter approach us soon this weekend you will come to find out and come across some of the most strangest and foolish things some people do and some of the most “Christian fanatic” type stuff being done in public or online. I say that to say, because when I was out yesterday as I with my mother as she was driving down Gratiot Ave. I saw two older Caucasoids “Christian fanatics” walking down Gratiot Ave; the older man was holding a very large “white cross” and the older woman was holding a sign that read “Jesus died for you so that you can live.” (Something of that nature).

I always find it quite interesting and disturbing at the same time how people are so convince due to their strong indoctrination of manipulation, belief and dogma, to think someone who supposedly existed some 2,000 plus years ago “Serapis/Jesus/Yeshua” (one in the same), died for us, or for our so-called fictional sins, or so that we can live free and of salvation. Such ridiculous type of thinking and propaganda was nothing more than a tool created and use to control the masses of people minds and to keep people mentally enslave (Especially as it relates to Afrikan people wherever we are on this planet).

If anyone has or like myself that have been researching for some years now and studying on Christianity. Would come to the conclusion and truth that “Christianity” is a pseudo religion and that a man “Jesus the Christ” never existed in human form on this earth ever, and that “Christianity” was nothing more than created and use to control the masses of people minds and to keep people further enslave mentality and docile (Especially as it relates to Afrikan people wherever we have been enslaved and colonized).

Christianity in the past and now has never been the original religion of Afrikan people, but something that was force on to us by the Oppressors/Enslavers/Colonizers (Non-Afrikan people) during the enslavement and colonization of Afrikan people. Before the enslavement and colonization of Afrikan people we practice our indigenous religions base on our ethnic clans we’re, or what we became more attracted to practicing base on the environments we were place in or drawn too. Such as Ifa, Hoodoo, Vodoun, Juju, Gris Gris and etc.

The Real Resurrection

The resurrection doesn’t have anything to do with a man who never was real to begin with Jesus, also known as Serapis before the name Jesus came in existence). It has to deal with something more powerful, nature and real and that is the Resurrection of or Rebirth of the “Sun.” i.e. (The Vernal/Spring equinox)

This is why the day of the week is called Sun-day (Sunday) and why people who called themselves Christians worship on Sunday. However Christians think they’re worshiping Jesus, but in fact Sunday was always related to the real Sun not the “Son” fictional man by the name of “Jesus the Christ.”

The Vernal/Spring equinox

“This is when the sun’s direct rays are crossing over the Earth’s equator from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere.

Twice a year, around March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23, the sun’s most direct rays shine on the equator. These two days are known as the vernal (spring) equinox and the autumnal (fall) equinox, respectively.

This year, the vernal equinox takes place on Sunday, March 20 at 12:30 a.m. EDT, or late in the evening on Saturday, March 19 if you live in the central (11:30 p.m.), mountain (10:30 p.m.) or pacific (9:30 p.m.) time zones. At this time, the sun is crossing over from the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere. During this process, the sun is shining directly over the earth’s equator, bathing the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres in nearly an equal amount of sunlight.

During the equinox, both day and night are balanced to nearly 12 hours each all over the world.

Good news for those in the northern hemisphere: Daylight continues to grow longer until the summer solstice which occurs on Monday, June 20. The opposite occurs in the southern hemisphere, where daylight continues to grow shorter.”

* The sun is hung on a cross or “crucified,” which represents its passing through the equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected. (John 19:14-20)

“The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun.”~Thomas Paine


“There has never been a man that ever walked the earth in human form of any race, creed or color, by the name of Jesus Christ.”

John L. McKenzie, S.J., states in his book, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 432:

“The writing of the life of Jesus has been the major problem of NT scholarship for more than a hundred years; after numerous shifts of opinion, the consensus of scholars is that the life of Jesus cannot be written. The reason is that the data for a historical biography do not exist…the only sources of the life and teachings of Jesus are the four gospels. The contents of the Apocryphal gospels are historically worthless.”

The Name Jesus, Yeshua or Hesus is taken from the name Khensu

Jesus never existed. The name jesus, yeshua or hesus is taken from the name Khensu, which is one of the titles of the God Heru. In the language of Kamit, Khensu is composed of khi: which means child and nsu: which means royal, Divine, king, and king of southern Kamit. Khensu thus means Divine royal child. For tens of thousands of years Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) have communicated with the God Heru and invoked His Spirit under His title Khensu. This title of Heru was corrupted by the whites from Khensu, into hesus, yeshua and jesus and applied to their fictional white character.

The God Heru is a Spirit Force in Creation Whose energy is operating through the core of the Earth, and the core of the Sun. In your body, Heru’s energy operates through your cardiovascular system whose major organ is the heart. In your spirit, Heru’s energy operates through your will.

The root of the name Heru is Her. Her or Heri, in the language of Kamit means, Chief, King, He Who is above, leader. This is one of the reasons why Heru has the title Heri or King. The Sun also has the title as it is the Heri or king of the solar system. Your heart is the Heri or king in your body. Your will is your Heri or king of your actions. The core of Earth is the Heri or king of the planet. Your heart, your will, the core of the Earth and the core of the Sun are also hidden from view, and the Divine energy they regulate is invisible or hidden. The term Seshta, in the language of Kamit means that which is hidden, secret or sacred. This is why Heru also has the title Heri Seshta, which means king or chief, Heri, of that which is hidden, secret or sacred, Seshta. This title Heri Seshta was also given to some priests and priestesses in Kamit. This title was corrupted by the whites from Heri Seshta to Heri Seshtos, Kerishtos and Christus or Christ. Thus, Heru or Khensu the Heri Seshta was corrupted into hesus the kerishtos and jesus the christ.

As the whites manufactured their fictional white savior, they used the names and titles of the God Heru, and the knowledge of the God to create a fictional life story for the new white character.

The entire story of the son of god being born of a virgin, who would grow up to lead the people, be killed and become resurrected as the savior of the world was stolen by the whites from the knowledge of the God Heru, His Mother the Goddess Auset, His Father the God Ausar, and His Father’s brother the God Set.

After the murder of Ausar, the Goddess Auset was forced out of Her role as Queen of Kamit. She searched tirelessly for the Body of Her Husband Ausar that He may be given a proper burial. When She found the Body of Her Husband, Auset performed ritual. She began to invoke the Spirit of Ausar from His existence in the Ancestral realm. Through ritual, Auset communicated with Her Husband and was drawn to His Spirit. Through Their Divine Spiritual union Auset became pregnant. Because of Her devotion to Her Husband, Auset was referred to under the title Merit, which means beloved in the language of Kamit. She was called Merit Ausar, or the beloved of Ausar. The whites corrupted this name Merit into mary and maryam and gave it to their fictional white female character. The union of the Spirit of the God Ausar with the Goddess Auset which resulted in Auset becoming pregnant with Her Son, the God Khensu Heru, was corrupted by the whites into the immaculate conception and virgin birth by a fictional white character named mary who would give birth to a fictional white boy, hesus or jesus whose father was god.

In Northern Kamit, a major city called Tata, was sacred to Ausar, Auset and Heru. In this city, They were often referred to under the names Ba Neb Tata, Hat Mehit and Heru pa khart. Ausar, the Father was referred to as Ba Neb Tata, meaning the Ram, lord of the city Tata. Ba Neb Tata came to be pronounced Ba ne Tata or BanTera. The whites corrupted the title Ba ne Tata in to Pantara or Pandira. Ausar was thus referred to as Pandira, and His Son Heru was called Heru, son of Pandira. Heru or Khensu, the son of Pandira, was a title stolen by the whites and used for their fictional character who never existed called jesus or yeshua ben pandira, meaning jesus son of Pandira.

* Kamit/KMT (Egypt)

* Ausar (Osiris), Auset (Isis) and Heru (Horus) “The Original Trinity”


Afu – flesh; house; flesh of Ra/Rait
Afu Ra and Afu Rait – title of Ra, title of Rait
Kaka – high land
Ka – high land; land

Twi (Akan)
Ofi – house, home; also used for sanctuary/temple (Abosomfie)
Afo – animal carcass; flesh; that which is put on, discarded and taken up again
Afuo (Afur) – land that is fertile; farmland; plantation; land with vibrant energy moving through it
fura – to put on
afra – to become intermixed; comingled
fram – to be on fire, to burn, blaze; flame, fire; Afram and Afra (Afura and Afurait)
Koko – hill, mountain; high land
Kua – farm (fertile land)

Afurakani – African; male individual of the land of the Creator (Afuraka)

Afuraitkaitnit – African; female individual of the land of the Creatress (Afuraitkait)

Pronunciation key: (note: The name of the Creatress, Rait is also spelled Rat)

Afuraka (Ah’-foo rah-kah’)

Afuraitkait (Ah’-foo rah’-ette kah’-ette) also Afuratkat (Ah’-foo raht-kaht’)

Afurakanu (Ah’-foo rah-kah’ noo)

Afuraitkaitnut (Ah’-foo rah’-ette kah’-ette noot) also

Afuratkatnut (Ah’-foo raht-kaht’ noot)

Afurakani (Ah’-foo rah-kah’ nee)

Afuraitkaitnit (Ah’-foo rah’-ette kah’-ette neet) also

Afuratkatnit (Ah’-foo raht-kaht’ neet)

Finally, it must be clearly understood that only Black people are and can be referred to as Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut and Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit.

Our identity is rooted in our biology, our biological/physical and spiritual connection to the original Ka/Kait, our spiritual connection to Afu Ra and Afu Rait as well as our reincarnation through specific blood-circles. This distinguishes us from all other groups. Black people, wherever we are found in the world are Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut.

The Ntoro (Ntr/God) Ra is the Creator of the Universe, while the Ntorot (Ntrt/Goddess) Rait is the Creatress of the Universe. Ra uses the Aten (Sun) as a physical transmitter of His spiritual energy. This is why He is often misnomered the ‘Sun God’. However, Ra and Rait actually created the Aten (Sun).
Ra is the name of the God Who is the Creator of the World. Rait is the name of the Goddess Who is the Creatress of the World. Ra and Rait are Two Halves of a Whole. Two sides of One coin. That Whole, that coin, is the Great Spirit of the Supreme Being. Ra/Rait, together, are the Great Spirit Who brought into being all of Creation. They are the Divine Living Energy moving throughout all that exists. Just as solar energy and heat move throughout the Earth, the atmosphere of Earth, throughout your body, throughout the bodies of plants, animals, minerals, so does the Great Spirit, Ra/Rait, move throughout, animate, give life to, the planets, Sun, Moon, stars, plants, animals, humans, the Black Substance of Space—all that exists. Fundamentally, the Supreme Being’s Creative Spirit, Creative Power, is Who we call Ra and Rait.
http://odwirafo.com/KUKUU-TUNTUM_The_Ancestral_Jurisdiction_Nhoma.pdf (KUKUUTUNTUM The Ancestral Jurisdiction) by ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN (page 8 )
http://www.odwirafo.com/Tua-Ra_torah.pdf (NOTE ON ‘TUA RA’ BEING THE ORIGIN OF THE TERM ‘TORAH’) by ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN (page 2)
https://youtu.be/51fQt8KNKvE (ONIPA: The Creation of the Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Human Being)
https://youtu.be/ZaZX04SPfKI (NTORO: Origin and Meaning of the Term ‘NTR’ (Deity) Defined in Ancient Kamit and Akan Culture)


Serapis/Jesus Creation

At this time in history (320 B.C.), Ptolemy I, Soter, sought out and found a council of Ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses in Memphis, Egypt who agreed to make his image into a god. These Melchite Coptic Egyptians complied with Ptolemy I’s request and made a composite using two of their Ancient Egyptian gods, “Ausara” (Osiris), and the Sacred Bull of Memphis, “Apis,” (Ra) and during this process came up with the name “Oserapis, later Serapis. They then gave the name “Oserapis” to Ptolemy I, and gave his image the assimilated characteristics of their Ancient Egyptian Ancestor Ausara (Osiris) thereby making Ptolemy and his image a “god.” They later created a devotional ritual to Serapis; he was spoken of as “The savior and leader of souls, leading souls to the light and receiving them again.” The ritual goes on to say, “he raises the dead, he will save us after death and we will be protected in his providence.” Today, the same thing is being said about this created image called Jesus Christ who has a created birth date of 4 B.C. and a created death date of 28 or 30 A.D.

* During the time and reign of Constantine I (306-337) A.D., there was no Jesus Christ, therefore no Christians, or a religion called Christianity or a Christian church existing anywhere on the planet earth. The reason being is that the Serapis icon/image had not been made the Messias ([K]Christos) by the new Melchite Coptic Religious Community.

The Melchite Coptic community who spoke a Coptic Greek language made the Serapis image the “anointed Messias” and the word Messias in Coptic Greek means “(K)Christos”-and in English, “Christ.” Today, this creature called Serapis is worshiped throughout the world and is called Jesus the Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of Mankind.

Celebration Of The Paschal Festival: That Is The Passover, Commonly Called Easter.

The Council assigned the first Sunday after the fourteenth moon following the vernal equinox for the celebration of the Passover in all the Christian countries everywhere,–this day having been proposed by Alexander, the bishop of Alexandria in Egypt, which nation was considered “the most skillful as to the course of the stars.”

3) The day in remembrance of Christ’s dying and expiating the sins of men, was called the Passover or Easter (Pascha) because they supposed that Christ was crucified on the same day in which the Jews kept their Passover–Mosheim.

4) This time was not founded upon a true and accurate calculation. Pope Gregory XIII. reformed and corrected it, A.D. 1582. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the 21st day of March.

Note: During the time and reign of Constantine I (306-337) A.D., there was no Jesus Christ, therefore no Christians, or a religion called Christianity or a Christian church existing anywhere on the planet earth. The reason being is that the Serapis icon/image had not been made the Messias ([K]Christos) by the new Melchite Coptic Religious Community.

The Historical Origin of the Name Jesus & The Origin of the letter J

Before the Greeks & Romans invaded Northeast Africa Khanit (Nubia) and Kamit/KMT (Egypt) they were uncivilized savages, illiterate, barbaric and non-Spiritual people. So therefore there was no such thing as a Jesus or a letter J, until they came on the scene and created the Jesus character in 4BC 28 or 30AD/CE. The name Jesus first came into existence and into being 1,565 years after the image and name Serapis were created by the sell- out Melchite Coptic Egyptian priest society in Memphis, Egypt 320 BC. Much later the Greeks & Romans worshipped the icon Christos (Christ) as their god by changing the name to Iezv, today pronounced Zeus for the Greeks and Iupiter (Jupiter) for the Romans.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus and Jupiter are the same god. The derivative of the name Jesus is from the name Zeus, Iezv or Iesu, using the Greek-Latin alphabet. The Greek and Latin alphabets are derivatives of the phonetic alphabet, which is the second form of writing of the Ancient Kamit (Egyptians). Alexander forced the Greek language on the Ancient Egyptians, which is how the Greek alphabets and language came about.

The name Iesus was first applied to Christ during the first Council of Lyons in 1245 AD, at this council the Christians in Rome, Germany and France banded together under the leadership of Innocent IV who fled Rome to a meeting in Lyons, France to deal with their struggle with Ecclesiastical authority of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II under his rule to adopt a first given name for the Christ Logos. This was started because the African and European Monophysite community in Africa 1240 AD, had began to use the biography and life of Ibn Al Arabi, known as Mohammed, which later became the religion of Muhammedanism/Islam.

During this time Europeans were still using the name Zeus and came up with a first given name Iesus for the Christ figure, thereby became Iesus the Christ. Also by the way there was no letter J in 1240 AD, when the name Iesus or Jesus was applied to the Christ figure. The letter Z had a strong resemble to the symbol that’s known today as the upper case or capital I, the letter Z and I were synonymous, Iesus and Zeus. The I functioned as a vowel and consonant J prior to 1630 the letter J function as a consonant. In 1630 the Europeans took the i and created a new letter for the Latin-English alphabet the letter j. Also the romance language Spanish enunciation of the name Jesus is pronounced Hay-zesus, but spelled Jesus.

During the Council of Trent in 1545-1563, called by the Roman Catholic Church passed decisions that were artifical and would be passed on as “Truth.” At this Council, church leaders and lead by the Pope indicated that certain writings would be considered inerrant, infallible and the word of God (the New Testament). This was started because, Martin Luther lead the Protestants against the Roman Catholic Church in 1517, began teaching his Protestant Christians in 1535 that the Old Testament bible printed for the first time in 1475 was devine and genuine. Martin Luther taught that the New Testament was (Apocrypha, which has various meanings, including hidden, esoteric, spurious of questionable authenticity and Christian texts that are not canonical). The letter J, did not exist during the creation of the image Serapis/Christ 320 BC, or even during the Council of Ephesus 431 AD when he was given a human nature.

The later J in fact came in existed during the last part of the European Renaissance when Europeans were just beginning to learn to read. Because only the European Monarchs and merchants could afford and hire tutors for their families to read. The sound of j as we know it today was adopted into the English language from the French language and is pronounced in French as zh, u and zu, in English the j sounds like the g in genius. In French, the pronoun je translated into the English pronoun I. But in French the je never stands alone, but is connected to an action verb and then combined and written as one word. In French je, (i) is an affix or add on to sus, pronounced zoos or zeus producing Jesus. (The Historical Origin of Christianity (Revised Edition), Walter Williams (book), (Chapter 8) & (Chapter 9)



The Bible Is Not A Holy Book

The bible is not a holy book. It is not divinely inspired. The bible is a series of writings which are perverted fragments of ancient writings from Kamit. The bible is less than 1,600 years old, while the writings of Kamit are over 20,000 years old. The title holy bible is a translation from helios byblos. The term byblos is derived from papyrus or pa-pyrus which is a plant used to make paper. The term paper is derived from papyrus or pa-pyrus [papers]. The term helios is the greek language perversion of the name of the God Ra. The holy bible or helios byblos or helios papyrus is actually a white perversion meaning the papyrus of helios or the papers (book) of Ra. It is a series of plagiarisms and perversions describing the whites’ false worship of their fictional god.


Rabbits/Hares scientifically can’t lay eggs, however eggs do represent fertility or birth i.e. resurrect or renew. What Rabbits/Hares are known though for are procreation, because they procreate at a fast rate. This is where the egg in “Easter” comes from and the “Easter egg hunt.” Which has sexual undertones in them. Yet many Black people allow their children to take part in playing this game (Easter egg hunt) and foolishness without even realizing what they are allowing their children to engaged in (metaphorically).

A rabbit’s foot is a talisman for healing and protection it’s found in Akan culture. The Adanko (hare – rabbit and hare in North america) is literally a rootworker and diviner in Akan culture.

https://youtu.be/hVYlylk5kJo (ADANKO NDU: Akan Origin of the Rabbit’s Foot Talisman in Hoodoo)




“Innocently, most of us are led to step inside a religion and accept the literature of that religion by faith, without questioning the origin of either. Once inside, the indoctrination is set in motion seldom to be interrupted. We submit consciously and unconsciously. Our spiritual energy then is utilized to sustain the myths, untruths, and perpetuate traditions.” ~Arnetta Williams

“If one does not study or seek the origin of a subject, one cannot speak on the subject accurately or with credibility. Without knowing the origin of a subject, this will keep one in a believer’s mentality and not in a world of knowledge.”~Walter Williams


The meaning of the word Apocryphal is “fictitious books of uncertain authorship,” such as the four apocryphal gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Coptic Egyptian~ A direct descendant of the Ancient Egyptians.

Equinox ~”Equi” means “equal”, and “Nox means “nights.” i.e. (Equal nights)

Melchite~ A Coptic Egyptian who created and accepted the European icon/image of Serapis as a God, as opposed to the Coptic Egyptians who did not accept Serapis as God.

Serapis~ A man-created composite god, a link between the Ancient Egyptian god “Osiris and the sacred bull of Memphis, “Apis,” created by the priest society at Memphis, Egypt (320 B.C.E).

Solstice~ Sun Stand Still.

Vicar~ A Ptolemy or Roman Emperor regarded as the representative of “Serapis/Christ.” Today, the Roman Catholic Pope is regarded as the earthly representative of Christ.

https://youtu.be/cScB9knmbB4 (42 Enunciations of Maat and the Fictional Character ‘moses’)

http://odwirafo.com/KUKUU-TUNTUM_The_Ancestral_Jurisdiction_Nhoma.pdf (KUKUUTUNTUM The Ancestral Jurisdiction) by ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN

https://youtu.be/8s9mO5xYee4 (Ur, El and Jezreel: Israel Does Not Exist on Mer en Ptah Stele; Origin of terms ‘hebrew’ & ‘asiatic’)


https://youtu.be/zyUiz_nQEe8 (TUA RA and KHU RA: The Origin of ‘Torah’ and ‘Quran’ – Cosmological Incompetence)

Note on Tua Ra Being the Origin of the Term ‘Torah’

Note on Khu Ra Being the Origin of the Term ‘Quran’

* http://odwirafo.com/KUKUU-TUNTUM_The_Ancestral_Jurisdiction_Nhoma.pdf(KUKUUTUNTUM The Ancestral Jurisdiction) by ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN

https://youtu.be/bT64vLcjyYo (Khensu, Heru and the Fictional Character jesus/yeshua)

https://youtu.be/QdwX1LCIhCg (Ausar, Auset and Heru: The Fictionality of jesus/isa/yeshua and Fallacy of ‘christ-consciousness’)

http://odwirafo.com/KUKUU-TUNTUM_The_Ancestral_Jurisdiction_Nhoma.pdf(KUKUUTUNTUM The Ancestral Jurisdiction) by ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN (Pages 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 & 72)

https://youtu.be/2i_spMsJa0E(AFURAKA/AFURAITKAIT – The Origin of the term ‘Africa’)


History Of The First Council of Nice: A World’s Christian Convention A.D. 325 With A Life Of Constantine, by Dean Dudley (Published in 1992, there’s update versions of this book as well) p. 85

https://weather.com/science/weather-explainers/news/vernal-equinox-first-day-of-spring-2016 (Mar 19 2016)

http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/originsofchristianity.pdf (p. 20)

http://lafeber.com/vet/rabbit-reproduction-basics/(Rabbit Reproduction Basics) May 15, 2014

The Historical Origin of Christianity (Revised Edition), Walter Williams (book)

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