The Original Story Of The Holy Trinity Family & Afrikan deities Ausar, Auset & Heru


The Original Story Of The Holy Trinity Family & Afrikan deities Heru (Child) to the left of the photo, Ausar (Father) in the middle of the photo, and Auset (Mother) to the right of the photo.


The Ancestral Jurisdiction


KUKUU-TUNTUM (koo-koo’)-toon-toom’) is the combination of the Kenesu-Kamau term, Kukuu and the Twi-Akan term, Tuntum. The terms are defined in their respective languages as descriptive of blackness which contains illumination, holder; black, dark. As a name, they are representative of the regulatory function of Creative Consciousness. Just as the night sky executes its authority over the planetary bodies and stars within it, KUKUU-TUNTUM discloses the Jurisdiction of the culture. (pages 2 & 44-57) By Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan (2002). (Ausar, Auset and Heru: The Fictionality of jesus / isa / yeshua and Fallacy of ‘christ-consciousness’) (Khensu, Heru and the Fictional Character jesus/yeshua)


Another image of Ausar, Auset & Heru in stone.



The story of Ausar, Auset & Heru, ties into “The Winter Solstice” and the corrupt pseudo so-called “Christmas story.” (Most people may know Ausar as Osiris, Auset as Isis & Heru as Horus, which are the Greek names and corruptions of Ausar, Auset & Heru and pseudo deities).

For the average everyday Black Christian, so-called Hebrew/Jew and Muslim doesn’t know that, (The Council Of Niceae I 325 A.D. (Nicene Council) was the first council of many where the early foundations took place of what would become the pseudo-religion known as “Christianity,” today).


The Historical Origin Of Christianity (Revised edition) by Walter Williams (book)

History Of The First Council of Nice: A World’s Christian Convention A.D. 325
With A Life Of Constantine, by Dean Dudley (book)

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