A Few Quotes That Sums Up The Parasitic Behavior of The Non-Afrikan of Afrikan Culture



“Generally speaking, I think we live in a world that enjoys Black Culture and dislikes Black people.”~Cecil Emeke

“In reality, there is no such thing as white people supporting Black culture and Divinity. A parasite needs a host. To support Black Culture and Divinity means to support Divine Order. Divine Order is comprised of Divine Law/Love and Divine Hate- Expansive and Contractive Poles. Divine Hate means the extermination of all cancerous cells, spirits of disorder. If they support Black culture and Divinity, that means they would immediately eradicate their entire population. None of them seek to do so, so they do not support Black culture and Divinity. They seek to perpetuate their own existence- meaning the cancerous cells seek to perpetuate their existence in the body which by nature is disorder. All of them are cancerous, without exception. Those who pretend to embrace Black culture and Divinity are the most insidious.” ~Kwesi Akhan



Two Quotes Taken from the Book:

Culture Bandits Vol. 1, Del Jones 


“(Afro-Pop, Juju Music, Mbaqanga, Highlife etc.) Afrikan contemporary music is a diverse as the many languages on the continent. Flavored from ethnic tradition and culture, it is married with the musical approach of the Afrikan taken to the states. Therefore,the R&B flavor and jazz riffs identify us all as the same people using the same elements of sound to articulate our environmental and social experiences. Fela, Franco, Sonny Okshun, Sonny Ade, Hugh Masekela and thousands of others create the Afrikan jam from their reality. And we all benefit. Culture Bandits like Ginger Baker, Eric Burdon and Paul Simon, travel the globe looking for a sound to steal and rework through Copyright Offices unashamed. They think they are undetected Culture Bandits masquerading under the title of liberals.”~Culture Bandits Vol. 1 (book) p.19, Del Jones

“Whites are not at peace with themselves nor comfortable with their color: they are fearful of extinction which causes them to be Culture Bandits. This allows them to control the culture they unconsciously feel they sprang from, while destroying all they don’t understand (which is most). And that portion which could not be used to serve white supremacy is hidden and destroyed as they attempt to possess our consciousness as a defense mechanism against our organizing efforts to perpetuate ourselves.

Therefore, they nestle in our culture like sleepy rapists, they fight sleep after their foul deeds, huddled with an organic force that is not theirs, they pretend to not only be the experts and critics, but also originators. They easily attempt to explain away: Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan, Josef Zawifnul, The Beastie Boys (beast indeed), Kenny G, Joe Cocker, George Michael, Robert Palmer, New Kids on the Block, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Madonna (super sick) and on and on.”~Culture Bandits Vol 1. (book) p. 32, Del Jones


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