Caucasian Woman Trying To Transform Into A Black Woman

Martina BIG
Diese Seite gefällt mir · 19 Std. 

These are excerpts and comments taken from a post of Martina BIG Facebook like page.

I have great news I have great news
I had done the next step in my transformation to a black woman
Yesterday I was with an African hairdresser and got a hair extension with curly, African hair
To become more and more a black woman, that is such a wonderful feeling  I’m so happy
Next, I’ll have consultations for the butt enlargement and for the African facial features.
How do you like my new look? – fantastisch.

Martina BIG In my soul I’m a black woman  This is more important than the DNA!

Martina BIG Tyjina Bates I have now BLACK hair !!! I’m not longer blonde! And I love my black african hair

Martina BIG Yes, I will continue my transformation in a black woman



Look at this shit here. She straight up looks like she came fresh from a “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” episode LMAO ! With those fake big ass balloon titties and fake full lips. This Cave female beast will never be a Black woman, she can use all the melanin injections she want, get a butt enlargement, and continue to get all the plastic surgery in the world to look like a Afrikan woman, you will never be a natural Black woman.

LOL ! Then she has the nerves to say she’s a “Black woman in her soul” no Bitch you don’t have a soul. Because Non-Afrikans don’t have a soul as they continue demonstrated this behavior on a daily basis, because it’s naturally who they’re “Soulless beings.” Yet in one of the earlier videos in a interview, that I will post below. She contradicts herself by saying she’s not trying to change her race. So now we know that she’s a liar too, which is typical and natural of “Non-Afrikan Mutants” being liars and deceivers which is one of the reasons among many reasons they’re so dangerous and need to be exterminate off this earth. Expeditiously ! The sad part about is that you have Black folks who have a “Negro mentality” agreeing with and defending this “Cave female Artificial Human Parasite Thing” on her Facebook page and post. That’s shameful on so many levels !

“In reality, there is no such thing as white people supporting Black culture and Divinity. A parasite needs a host. To support Black Culture and Divinity means to support Divine Order. Divine Order is comprised of Divine Law/Love and Divine Hate – Expansive and Contractive Poles. Divine Hate means the extermination of all cancerous cells, spirits of disorder. If they support Black culture and Divinity, that means they would immediately eradicate their entire population. None of them seek to do so, so they do not support Black culture and Divinity. They seek to perpetuate their own existence – meaning the cancerous cells seek to perpetuate their existence in the body which by nature is disorder. All of them are cancerous, without exception. Those who pretend to embrace Black culture and Divinity are the most insidious.”~Kwesi Akhan (June 23, 2017) (Tanning Addict Barbie Wants To Be ‘Crispy Brown’, Published on Apr 12, 2017) (The Barbie Wannabe Addicted to Tanning and Desperate to Get Darker | This Morning, Published on Apr 13, 2017) (Martina Big, femeia cu cel mai mare bust din Europa!, Published on Jun 12, 2017)

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