The Arabic language Is Not Cognate With Medutu (hieroglyphs), And A Brief Summary On Egypt And Why The Suez Canal Was Build


 Rkhty Amen website:


There was no such thing as a people called “Hebrews” therefore it’s no such thing as a language called Hebrew.

“The story of the hebrews and the children of israel is a trustorical fiction. None of the biblical characters ever existed of any race whatsoever. The culture of ancient Kanaana (Canaan) prior to the white invasions was the same culture of ancient Kamit carried by the migrants over 6,000 years ago to the region. This includes the Divinity El which later gave its name to the Yezreel/Jezreel valley.” ~Kwesi Akhan, UR, EL AND JEZREEL ISRAEL DOES NOT EXIST UPON THE MER EN PTAH STEL, PDF, (p. 9) (Ur, El and Jezreel: Israel Does Not Exist on Mer en Ptah Stele; Origin of terms ‘hebrew’ & ‘asiatic’ )

The Suez Canal~ in Egypt was a man made river created for geopolitical reasons.


The Suez Canal (map), located in Egypt, is a 101 mile (163 km) long canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez, a northern branch of the Red Sea. It officially opened in November 1869.

” The sea level waterway would allow for much quicker travel from Europe to Asia because boats would no longer need to sail thousands of miles around Africa. The French Suez Canal Company started the project in 1859 and completed it in 1869—the same year the United States finished the transcontinental railroad (Brendon 146-7). Both of these projects showed how travel time around and through continents shrank drastically in the later industrial age. This time-space compression increased access to markets, raw materials, and cheap labor around the world.” (The Suez Canal Documentary – NatGeo TV)

The Levant~ is what’s known as the so-called “Middle East” really geographically is Northeast Afrika.

It’s also been described as the “crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean, and northeast Africa“,[8]and the “northwest of the Arabian plate.[9]

The “Middle East” is nothing more than a made up land mass. That was created for geopolitical and religion reasons.

“The countries of Northeast Africa, i.e., Turkey, and other land regions that are known today as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Yemen were all part of the Ottoman Empire at one time. However, today these land areas in North and Northeast Africa are grouped under one umbrella and renamed the “Middle East” by Europeans. The purpose of the Europeans doing this was to create this part of the world as the “Land of the Bible.” Why ? Because it puts all three man-made religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in close proximity to something that is real, Ancient Egypt.” ~Walter Williams, The Historical Origin of Islam, (book)

The creation of Israel was to create Bibleland, and thus legitimize the three major pseudo Non-Afrikan religions.

Kamit (Egypt)

The Historical Origin of Islam, Walter Williams, book (pages 94 & 95)










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