Warrioress of Benin (Dahomey)


The only thoroughly documented Amazon’s in world history, are the women warrioress of Dahomey, or mino, who were West Afrikan women who served as the King’s bodyguards. Known for being well trained and proficient in battle, the Dahomey warrioress fought against French colonization, and unlike the Grecian “Amazon’s” and comic book “Amazon” Wonder Woman, were real-life superheroes.


Wonder Woman is nothing more than a corruption of the different Afrikan Warrioress and Warrioress Goddesses such as Sekhmet (Goddess), Queen Nzinga (a real woman), Kendake (Kandake) or Candace (a real woman) Abenaa (Goddess), Iyaami Abeni (Goddess), Yaa Asantewaa (a real woman) and many other Afrikan Warrioress and Warrioress Goddesses.

* Benin formerly known as Dahomey or Mino

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