Non-Black people do not make better friends and mates for Black people


Updated Post: November 24, 2017

I always find it interesting, but I’m not surprise by when some Caucasoids have the audacity to ask why Black people date only Black people or call you a “Racists” when they find this out about you. You can choose not to respond to them or respond to them, when they ask these questions or when they respond to you in a hostile way. Recently I had to tell and check a Caucasoid “Cave male Artificial Human” when he ask me why I only date or befriend Black men ? “It should be obvious why I would date only Black men when I am a Black woman. You could have kept your comment to yourself and moved on.” His response to me was “God bless me.” Part of the reason he ask this question is because Caucasoids still think they can have their way with Black people or expect for a Black person to oblige to their advances, because of this day and age of the constant inundation and media pushing of “Integration” and “Assimilation,” and also it’s another way for them to continue to practice their “Racism” towards Black people by exploiting us sexually and or using us for their “fetish” pleasures, and using us for any of their other evil agenda purposes. Just last week another Caucasoid male call me an “Racists.” Because he found out that I only befriend and date Black men. Like I said when they can’t get their way with you or you don’t oblige to their advances, you’re all types of names for it.

Caucasoids are very “insidious” and “notorious” for this type of behavior when it comes to these Dating sites, Facebook and Social Media in general. But there are Black women and Black men who like to say that Caucasoids treat them better in dating and in relationships than their own people. Which is simply non-sense, suffering from “internalize pain of self-hatred” and having insecurity issues among one’s Black self and self-worth, and I would go as far as saying being desperate for a man or woman. So settling becomes the primary choice when getting involved with the first Caucasoid male or female that comes along that shows them attention and love and some how that makes them the better mates for them to be with, then to be in relationships with their own Black people. Yet this clearly is not true as I have pointed out and why Black people should only get in relationships with their own people. It’s the most natural thing to do and the only way it should be, because anything else is unacceptable and unnatural. Also let’s keep it real for what it’s worth a non-Black person can not stop being a racists just because they choose to befriend or have a mate that is Black. Let’s not be so naive and foolish to think this as Black people and use common logical sense. Non-Black people do not make better friends and mates for Black people. Period ! (Black Women Share Their Awful Interracial Dating Stories, Jul 14 2017)


“If you do not understand Racism what it is, and how it works everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.”~Neely Fuller Jr.

“Love may be where you find it but culture determines where you look. Nothing social, that is having to do with the interaction between two or more people, exists or is interpretable outside of a cultural context. Lest we forget, European culture is notorious for manipulating people’s choices in such a way that it looks as if by free will they are independently determined to destroy themselves.”~Mwalimu Bomani Baruti

“You can’t fight the slave master and sleep with him at the same time. If you love the slave master’s daughter, you have less love for your own.” ~Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“In order to preserve the bloodline, you must marry black and reproduce black children.”~Dr. John Henrike Clarke

Becoming socially and culturally attach to Non-Black people i.e. befriending and choosing to have them as mates equals success for some Black people.~Kolonta Uvae

“Marrying outside of your race never liberated a people, it only shows the people got tired of waiting on liberation. ” ~Cheryl Davis

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