The Plagiarization of Ancient Kamit (Egypt) Culture


The Roman Vatican Church in Rome, Italy has stolen, corrupted and plagiarized so much from African culture, especially Ancient Egypt & Ethiopia. As you can see to your left in the image the copying of the Pope & Priests in the illustration to the right of Ancient Egypt culture.

Note: The Hagia Sophia Chruch in Istanbul, Turkey (North East Africa) was originally built by Constantine I, before it was destroyed in a fire, and much later was re-build by the Roman Emperor Justinian I who became the world’s first Roman Catholic Byzantine European Pope with complete eccclesiastical authority after the Council of Constantinople II (553 A.D.) The Pope’s miter (Crown) fashioned after the Ancient Egyptian symbolic Crown of Jurisdiction. That was often worn by the Kings of Ancient Egypt and by the Egyptian deity Ausar (Osiris), which the Pope patterns after. (The Historical Origin of Christianity, Walter Williams, book, p. 66)

“In the Christian context, he (Justinian I) pushed this notion to its logical conclusion: since all power was from God (Osiris), then he, as the so-called Christian emperor, enjoyed the fullness of power by so-called “divine right.” He was to excercise this “divine right” for the well-being of the Empire and spread this man-made occult religion called Christianity throughout the world with himself as leader, Pope and Vicar of Christ. So, with imperial and ecclesiastical power over the Coptic Exterior Religious Community and the Melchite Religious Community in the hands of a Roman Byzantine ruler, Justinian I made himself, in essence, the world’s first European Roman Catholic pope with full ecclesiastical authority thereby beginning tthe Roman Catholic papacy as Caesar-O Pope.”~The Historical Origin of Christianity, Walter Williams (Revised) book, pages 68 & 69


The God (Osiris) is a Greek name and an corruption of the African deity Asuar.

What most people know as (Egypt) is really not the original name the original name is (Kamit) or most people may know it by this spelling as Kemet too.

The first earlier Popes before there were any Caucasian ones were African the main three names were St Victor (ca 186-198 ?), St Melchiades or Miltiades (311-14), St. Gelasius (492-496 ?)


Coptic- A direct descendant of the Ancient Egyptians.

Melchite- A Coptic Egyptian who created and accepted the European icon/image of Serapis as a God, as opposed to the Coptic Egyptians who did not accept Serapis as God.

Vicar- Ptolemy I or Roman Emperor regarded as the representative of “Serapis/Christ.” Today, the Roman Catholic Pope is regarded as the earthly representative of Christ. (Catholic Church may have already had a black pope) (Litttle Known Black History Fact:
African Popes)