“A Brief Video On The Five Negro Presidents, by J.A. Rogers”


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I have a YouTube page now where you can subscribe to my page and my first video presentation on (Social Media) is entitled “A brief video on The Five Negro Presidents, by J.A. Rogers” (Briefly talking about Alexander Hamilton who’s featured in the title video), and my name is listed as Klon U on YouTube. I don’t have a URL address yet because the account is new. But I will be doing more of these on different books, magazines and in my travels to different places in North America and outside of America. So if your interested in checking out my upcoming videos be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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Lushena Books

Where you can purchase “The Five Negro Presidents,” by J.A. Rogers

Additional Sources:

http://www.post-gazette.com/life/lifestyle/2008/02/05/Racial-heritage-of-six-former-presidents-is-questioned/stories/200802050162/ (Racial heritage of six former presidents is questioned, FEB 5, 2008)

http://old.post-gazette.com/pg/08036/854714-51.stm?cmpid=relatedarticle (Black woman details ties…

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The Plagiarization of Ancient Kamit (Egypt) Culture


The Roman Vatican Church in Rome, Italy has stolen, corrupted and plagiarized so much from African culture, especially Ancient Egypt & Ethiopia. As you can see to your left in the image the copying of the Pope & Priests in the illustration to the right of Ancient Egypt culture.

Note: The Hagia Sophia Chruch in Istanbul, Turkey (North East Africa) was originally built by Constantine I, before it was destroyed in a fire, and much later was re-build by the Roman Emperor Justinian I who became the world’s first Roman Catholic Byzantine European Pope with complete eccclesiastical authority after the Council of Constantinople II (553 A.D.) The Pope’s miter (Crown) fashioned after the Ancient Egyptian symbolic Crown of Jurisdiction. That was often worn by the Kings of Ancient Egypt and by the Egyptian deity Ausar (Osiris), which the Pope patterns after. (The Historical Origin of Christianity, Walter Williams, book, p. 66)

“In the Christian context, he (Justinian I) pushed this notion to its logical conclusion: since all power was from God (Osiris), then he, as the so-called Christian emperor, enjoyed the fullness of power by so-called “divine right.” He was to excercise this “divine right” for the well-being of the Empire and spread this man-made occult religion called Christianity throughout the world with himself as leader, Pope and Vicar of Christ. So, with imperial and ecclesiastical power over the Coptic Exterior Religious Community and the Melchite Religious Community in the hands of a Roman Byzantine ruler, Justinian I made himself, in essence, the world’s first European Roman Catholic pope with full ecclesiastical authority thereby beginning tthe Roman Catholic papacy as Caesar-O Pope.”~The Historical Origin of Christianity, Walter Williams (Revised) book, pages 68 & 69


The God (Osiris) is a Greek name and an corruption of the African deity Asuar.

What most people know as (Egypt) is really not the original name the original name is (Kamit) or most people may know it by this spelling as Kemet too.

The first earlier Popes before there were any Caucasian ones were African the main three names were St Victor (ca 186-198 ?), St Melchiades or Miltiades (311-14), St. Gelasius (492-496 ?)


Coptic- A direct descendant of the Ancient Egyptians.

Melchite- A Coptic Egyptian who created and accepted the European icon/image of Serapis as a God, as opposed to the Coptic Egyptians who did not accept Serapis as God.

Vicar- Ptolemy I or Roman Emperor regarded as the representative of “Serapis/Christ.” Today, the Roman Catholic Pope is regarded as the earthly representative of Christ.

http://usat.ly/XfMqIA (Catholic Church may have already had a black pope)

http://bit.ly/1cjUvG5 (Litttle Known Black History Fact:
African Popes)


The Original Afrikan (Kamit) Names Of The Thirteen Astrological Constellations (Signs)


tumblr_mzaeovMYnP1spbt42o1_1280 (1)16177_10204903194133459_8094311126073361359_n

Information via~Kwesi Akhan

The Ntorou/Ntoroutu (Deities) associated with the Constellations prior to Greek corruption:

Aries~Mentu (Montu) in relation to Amen (Amun)
Gemini~Shu and Tefnut 
Leo~ Heru em Akhet (Heru Behdety)
Note: The 13th Astrological sign Ophiucus~Sekhmet (Serpent Bearer~Not Asclepius/Imhotep)
Aquarius ~Hapi 
Pisces~An and Aabtu (pilot fish of Boat of Ra)

* Note: The chart for the actual astronomical dates range from 7 to 45 days, can be found in the first link below.

* dionysia.org/astrology/sun-signs.html (Sun Signs: Astrolonomical vs. Astrological)

https://youtu.be/wk631UGuXVc (Real Zodiac, Real New Year and Pseudo-Kemeticism – Pt.1)


https://odwirasem.wordpress.com/2017/08/09/sekhmet-and-imhotep-origin-of-ophiuchus-13th-zodiac-sign/ (August 9, 2017)




Some Excerpts:From Sekhmet and Imhotep: Origin of Ophiuchus – 13th Zodiac Sign

The Abosom (Deities) in ancient Khanit and Kamit (Nubia and Egypt) associated with the calendar are based upon stars and star constellations. The various Abosom in Kamit are not only shown in…

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Jenny Proctor A Former Slave Describes Celebrating European Holidays during Slavery


The following quotes is that of a former slave name Jenny Proctor 87 years-old who was a slave from 1850-1865 in Alabama, and who shares her story being a slave during the holidays in America, who was interviewed at her home in San Angelo, Texas in 1937, by the Federal Writers Project.

“Ole Marster would kill a hog and give us a piece of poak [pork]. We though dat wuz sumpin.’ De way Christmas lasted wuz’ cordin’ to de big sweet gum back log what de slaves would cut and put in de fireplace. When dat burned out, de Christmas wuz over.”

Translation- “Old Master would kill a hog and give us a piece of pork. We thought that was something, and the way Christmas lasted was according to the big sweet gum back log what the slaves would cut and put in the fireplace. When that burned out, the Christmas was over.”

“We had a few little [children’s] games we play, like “Peep, Squirrel, Peep,” “You Can’t Ketch Me,” and sich like. We didn’ know nothin’ ’bout no New Year’s Day or holidays ‘cept Christmas.”

Translation- “We had a few little games we play, like Peep Squirrel Peep, You Can’t Catch Me, and sich like. We didn’ know nothin’ ’bout no New Years Day or holidays ‘cept Christmas.”

You can read more about Ms. Jenny Proctor life and view a full photo of her at the first link below, and the other additional links.

http://nationalhumanitiescenter.org/pds/maai/enslavement/text1/jennyproctor.pdf (p.3)

Afrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide, Ishakamusa Barashango (book one) p. 75, *The Negro In World History No. 57, Tuesday Magazine – Phillip St. Laurent. P. 21.




http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/The-harrowing-struggles-of-slaves-in-their-words-2636712.php (January 31, 2003)

Djed Pillar, Christmas Tree, And The Winter Solstice Observance



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Mikyia mo (Greetings),

In the image we see the raising of the djed pillar – the ‘backbone’ totem of Ausar. This is the resurrection of Ausar. The djed pillar is raised, put into place and dressed. The solar disk on the top in between the two tall feathers is shown, with Wadjet and Nekhebet sitting inside of the disk.

The resurrection of Ausar takes place leading up to and including the winter solstice. This is the origin of the raising up and putting into place the ‘christmas tree’. The solar disk on top is the ‘star’ on top of the tree. The often-used gold and silver ‘garland’ criss-crossing the tree is the solar (gold) and lunar (silver) energy of the serpents Wadjet and Nekhebet moving through, around, the pillar (spine) leading up to the crown karkar (‘chakra’). The dressing of the ‘tree’ is shown above…

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Engagement


Updated Post: December 10, 2017

Originally posted on my Instagram & Facebook pages on December 9, 2017.

LOL ! Meghan Markle is a mulatto, biracial, hybrid or whatever term you want to use to call individuals like her of a mixed heritage background. Who clearly can also pass for a Caucasian woman had I not knew she had a Black mother. Therefore she is not a Black woman no more than “Queen Charlotte was a Black woman who was a Mulatto as well, who married King George III of the United Kingdom” this is why the British and the many other European so-called Royal families remains still Caucasoid to this day. Any trace or hint of Black has disappeared overtime with the constant mixing, in a deliberate attempt to keep the European so-called Royal families Caucasoid and in control of the throne and in order to continue to use their power and influences they have around the world. It will be the same case with Markle, if she has children with Prince Harry because their children will be Caucasian.

This story relates to the article disrespectfully ABC and Negro female writer Joi-Marie McKenzie put out on December 5, 2017 entitled: For many Black women, Meghan Markle’s engagement offers ‘hope’, That title was later shortly change by McKenzie and ABC to “After Meghan Markle’s engagement, some are celebrating” I like the fact how Black women across Twitter and Social media called out ABC for this bogus headline and insult to us as Black women. For the record to Markle is not Black she’s a Mulatto.


Queen Sophia Charlotte of Germany was grandmother of Queen Victoria and ancestress of George VI. ~100 Amazing Facts About The Negro: With Complete Proof, J.A. Rogers, (page 60)

Slavery lasted in England for 434 years (1440-1834); that during that time hundreds of thousands of Africans were brought in; that the English absorbed these blacks; and that some of them became founders of titled families? ~100 Amazing Facts About The Negro: With Complete Proof, J.A. Rogers, (page 60)

Firstly….she is NOT black…she is mixed….secondly…even if she was….and they got married and had children…..it will have absolutely no positive impact on the lives of our people….kinda like what Obama did for our people in America….third…They are FAKE/ Imposters with the title of royals….historically…no sovereignty ever existed in Europe….Murdering people and claiming land does not bestow sovereignty…..and why throughout their so called royal European history they have had to have African royal blood in their bloodlines to legitimise their claim…..~Audrey Edwards (Facebook)


Chris Jackson/Getty Images


The following articles that relates to this story.

http://abcn.ws/2nrJxcM(After Meghan Markle’s engagement, some are celebrating)

http://bet.us/2AnAUWQ (Twitter Slams GMA For Saying Meghan Markle’s Engagement Offers ‘Hope’ To Black Women)


Non-Black people do not make better friends and mates for Black people


Updated Post: November 24, 2017

I always find it interesting, but I’m not surprise by when some Caucasoids have the audacity to ask why Black people date only Black people or call you a “Racists” when they find this out about you. You can choose not to respond to them or respond to them, when they ask these questions or when they respond to you in a hostile way. Recently I had to tell and check a Caucasoid “Cave male Artificial Human” when he ask me why I only date or befriend Black men ? “It should be obvious why I would date only Black men when I am a Black woman. You could have kept your comment to yourself and moved on.” His response to me was “God bless me.” Part of the reason he ask this question is because Caucasoids still think they can have their way with Black people or expect for a Black person to oblige to their advances, because of this day and age of the constant inundation and media pushing of “Integration” and “Assimilation,” and also it’s another way for them to continue to practice their “Racism” towards Black people by exploiting us sexually and or using us for their “fetish” pleasures, and using us for any of their other evil agenda purposes. Just last week another Caucasoid male call me an “Racists.” Because he found out that I only befriend and date Black men. Like I said when they can’t get their way with you or you don’t oblige to their advances, you’re all types of names for it.

Caucasoids are very “insidious” and “notorious” for this type of behavior when it comes to these Dating sites, Facebook and Social Media in general. But there are Black women and Black men who like to say that Caucasoids treat them better in dating and in relationships than their own people. Which is simply non-sense, suffering from “internalize pain of self-hatred” and having insecurity issues among one’s Black self and self-worth, and I would go as far as saying being desperate for a man or woman. So settling becomes the primary choice when getting involved with the first Caucasoid male or female that comes along that shows them attention and love and some how that makes them the better mates for them to be with, then to be in relationships with their own Black people. Yet this clearly is not true as I have pointed out and why Black people should only get in relationships with their own people. It’s the most natural thing to do and the only way it should be, because anything else is unacceptable and unnatural. Also let’s keep it real for what it’s worth a non-Black person can not stop being a racists just because they choose to befriend or have a mate that is Black. Let’s not be so naive and foolish to think this as Black people and use common logical sense. Non-Black people do not make better friends and mates for Black people. Period !

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/nev4kd/black-women-share-their-awful-interracial-dating-stories (Black Women Share Their Awful Interracial Dating Stories, Jul 14 2017)


“If you do not understand Racism what it is, and how it works everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.”~Neely Fuller Jr.

“Love may be where you find it but culture determines where you look. Nothing social, that is having to do with the interaction between two or more people, exists or is interpretable outside of a cultural context. Lest we forget, European culture is notorious for manipulating people’s choices in such a way that it looks as if by free will they are independently determined to destroy themselves.”~Mwalimu Bomani Baruti

“You can’t fight the slave master and sleep with him at the same time. If you love the slave master’s daughter, you have less love for your own.” ~Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“In order to preserve the bloodline, you must marry black and reproduce black children.”~Dr. John Henrike Clarke

Becoming socially and culturally attach to Non-Black people i.e. befriending and choosing to have them as mates equals success for some Black people.~Kolonta Uvae

“Marrying outside of your race never liberated a people, it only shows the people got tired of waiting on liberation. ” ~Cheryl Davis